Kenneth Ng: I might have made a mistake

11 Oct – Veteran actor Kenneth Ng (also known as Ha Chun Chau) recently changed his tune after accidentally revealing about his son Ng Kwan Cheung's previous secret marriage to actress Elena Kong.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the veteran actor, who spoke to the media following the previous headline, claimed that he was jumping into conclusion about the former couple's marriage.

Said Kenneth, he assumed that Ng was marrying Elena in Seattle when his son said he was going to the city to find her.

"I didn't ask much and they also didn't talk about it," he said.

On the other hand, Ng is expressing confusion about the recent marriage record that was exposed by the media.

Describing the whole issue to be "The Hangover" movie, where the groom wakes up and not remembers a thing, Ng said that he could barely remember what happened yesterday, let alone something that happened more than ten years ago.

Ng then expressed his belief that the marriage record might have been someone else's who shared similar names to them.

(Photo Source: Sina HK)