Kenneth Ma, Kelly Cheung want original cast for "Big White Duel 2"

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

19 Mar – Amid rumours that Ali Lee will not be returning to "Big White Duel 2", co-stars Kenneth Ma and Kelly Cheung recently expressed their hope for all the original cast to be reunited in the sequel.

As reported on On CC, Kenneth, who won TV King for his role in the said drama last year, stated that he would prefer to have all the cast members in the series, though that will depend on the producer and writers.

As for new characters, he said, "That's normal. You need new additions when you have a new story. You want something fresh for the audience."

Kelly also echoed the same sentiment, saying that having the original cast would be the best choice since viewers are already familiar with the camaraderie shown onscreen.

"I hope everything will go by smoothly. We want to produce a great sequel for everybody," she said.

The 2019 series previously won Best Drama at the TVB Anniversary Awards.