Kenneth Ma denies issue with Kevin Cheng

6 Dec – Kenneth Ma recently denied speculations that there is a fall out between him and good friend Kevin Cheng, amid reports that the latter would not be attending his upcoming wedding.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked about Kevin during the promotional event of his new drama, stated that he would understand if Kevin couldn't attend his wedding, seeing that the actor is now a family man.

"He has three children, and our wedding will be held overseas. It would be difficult for him to leave for a few days. We also didn't invite a lot of people to the wedding, only about 60 people," he said.

Kevin has been busy being a doting dad of three boys
Kevin has been busy being a doting dad of three boys

Kenneth also stated that Kevin has already told him about not being able to make it to the wedding.

Asked if he is disappointed, he said, "If you're close friends, you would not be disappointed. Everyone has to make choices. If you ask me, my family would come first too. It's reasonable."

He then admitted that Kevin has rarely attended their group gathering since becoming a father of three.

"We don't mind it. In fact, best friends are like this. They come when they have free time and they don't come when they don't. We just go with the flow," he said.

As for rumours that the two had a fall out after Kenneth agreed to work with Charmaine Sheh, whom Kevin was romantically linked to in the past, Kenneth smiled and said, "I have also worked with Charmaine five to six years ago. If he wants to be dissatisfied, he would have felt that way that time as well."

(Photo Source: Kevin Cheng IG, Kenneth Ma IG)