As Kendall Jenner’s £20 teeth whitening pen launches in Boots, we put it to the test

Kendall Jenner's Moon Whitening Pen is now available to buy in the UK. (Moon)

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If you spend over your allotted screen time scrolling through Instagram (guilty) or are a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s chances are you’ve already laid eyes on new oral care brand, Moon.

The US brand launched in America in May 2019 with its hero product: an affordable teeth whitening pen co-created with model Kendall Jenner.

Unsurprisingly, the celebrity endorsed product quickly became the brands best-selling item.

The aesthetically pleasing brand also sell all of your dental-care needs from toothpastes, brushes and floss. All of which are comprised of natural, vegan, and PETA-certified cruelty-free ingredients - meaning none of your usual nasties.

Tempted to try it? Moon has now launched at Boots in the UK, so we put Jenner’s affordable £20 teeth whitening pen to the test.

Kendall Jenner has posted about the pen numerous times on her Instagram, one caption read: "can’t stop using my new favorite thing". (Moon)

At first, I was more than dubious about the product that promised “instant brightening”. However, a quick scroll through its reviews on Moon’s website had me intrigued, as 141 out of 160 customers gave the product the highest five-star rating.

“The best whitening kit I’ve ever had. Kudos Kendall!” and “this is the second tube I’ve bought” were just a few of the top comments.

Meanwhile another stated: “I thought people saying they noticed a difference the first time were crazy, but I noticed a HUGE difference.”

As someone who has tried a smorgasbord of teeth whitening strips, I was definitely up for trying anything that didn’t leave my jaw sore and with a whole lot of dribble.

Indeed, the pen is very easy and quick to use, simply click the top and brush a thin layer onto your teeth. The brush also gave me better precision and piece of mind that every tooth was fully covered.

Kendall Jenner and Moon founder Shaun Neff co-created the Teeth Whitening Pen. (Moon)

You then simply have to wait 30 seconds before closing your mouth where you’re met with not one toxic taste.

That’s probably because the paraben-free gel is made up of an antioxidant blend of honeysuckle flower extract, strawberry extract, lavender oil and fresh vanilla mint flavour.

What’s even better? There’s no downtime.

Naturally, Moon recommend you don’t eat or drink anything for 10-30 minutes and that you don’t use it in combination with coffee, tea, red wine or substances that may impact the whitening effect.

But, apart from that, you can continue with your day, so you no longer have to set aside an evening for your monthly teeth whitening/ dribble session.

After half an hour I waited for that sensitivity to hit - but it never came. Even after using the pen every day for five days there was no irritation.

The Moon pen was easy to use cruelty. (Moon)

As for the whitening effects, I can see why people say they see immediate effects, albeit in my case, a subtle difference.

After a week, however, I did see my teeth had become a shade or two whiter. Was it a Hollywood smile? Absolutely not.

But, for £20, no hassle and an easy user experience that didn’t leave me dribbling or with sensitivity, would I recommend? Absolutely.

So, if you’re looking to give your teeth a little at-home refresh for an upcoming occasion, this is definitely a worthy option.

Moon Oral Care Kendall Jenner Whitening Pen | £20 from Boots