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Life throws us all battles, but one lady who has endured her fair share of battles is Lauren Lepley, the founder of social enterprise Aleafia Wellbeing. Lauren's story is fraught with challenges and hardships. Still, her commitment to bettering herself and the lives of others through authentic service has driven her to found a thriving, spectacular company.

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Just two years, Lauren faced a major battle: Cancer. Stage 3c Melanoma. While most would accept cancer as the death of any wild ambitions for work or success, Lauren began hustling even harder. She battled the illness and, over time, consolidated strategies that she merged into her Wellness center. These strategies have been assembled onto a stunning website that offers a range of packages and services for people to enjoy robust, thriving health. All techniques and tips provided on the Aleafia website have been assembled by Lauren and tried and tested by her. Her positive attitude and ability to shatter through glass door ceilings are evident through her Instagram. Viewers see a woman who is the picture of joy, health, and vitality.

Lauren's passion for physical and mental wellness stems from a life fraught with challenges. As a survivor of severe traumas such as childhood bullying and an abusive relationship, Childhood bullying can negatively affect a person's lifelong confidence. However, through much self-work and healing, Lauren could forgive and retain her sense of self-assurance. Lauren's story may touch many who, because of childhood trauma and neglect, may have lived lives of isolation, fear of success, and general low self-belief.

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A traumatic loss at aged 20 caused Lauren to experience pain, grief, and despair. Losing her 18-year-old brother to suicide was another trauma that threatened to stifle her joy and creativity. An abusive relationship too zapped her self-belief and confidence and left her feeling trapped and imprisoned. However, as she grew and blossomed into a thriving entrepreneur, Lauren could let go of the past.

Although such traumas can threaten to rule life and cause depression, Lauren holds them in a different place, as moments and memories of hardship, but safely, in the past. Aleafia offers a helping hand to those who feel that specific experiences or traumas have shifted them off the course of their dreams. Through Aleafia, it is possible to regain clarity of thought and experience wellness in mind & body, and thus, have better means of achieving a 'dream life.'

Lauren decided to channel her pain and focus it on creating a physical wellness center located in North Devon. This cozy haven is inspiring for any fitness junkie or a couch potato. The center features a functional gym space, yoga studio, creche, holistic treatment center, and plant-based cafe. In addition, Lauren's passion for health and reaching as many potential people as possible has seen her design a virtual app, "Aleafia: Wellness OnDemand," where people can attend live classes.

Lauren's ability to conjure such rich and varied services and content for her website is evident with her regular blog, in which she readily shares her story and experiences. For example, Lepley's experiences of trauma urged her to explore alternative methods of healing such as Neuro-Linguistic Language programming in addition to meditation, EFT, and Timeline therapy.

Lauren knows how trauma can settle within the body and can cause all sorts of emotional and physical issues without release. So naturally, all negativity cannot be released, but Lauren has created strategies and services that enable people to react much more effectively to negative thoughts when they arise.

Lauren's story touches many. A story of pain, grief, and loss. A story about a woman who has been challenged beyond ordinary means and prevailed. Lauren is a woman of empowerment who inspires others to be their personal and physical best. Her extraordinary services in wellness have only been possible because of hard work and long healing from trauma and abuse.

Many are touched by Lauren's story and reach out to her on Instagram. Her gentle coaching skills have helped many who have suffered similar levels of bullying, loss, and grief. Lauren can pick people up, offering hope, giving them permission to believe in themselves again and thrive. Lauren's mission is a life in which people experience abundant health and vitality, and that is what she is achieving through her services.

Lauren knows that the best way to achieve our dreams is through her own tested formula. In her own words, she states “Passion and Purpose equals Profit and Powerful impact”. With passion and purpose, Lauren believes that entrepreneurs can achieve incredible things and begin businesses that touch a multitude of lives.

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