Katy Perry's gold breastplate features seven gold roses in super sentimental reason

katy perry gold breastplate
Katy Perry's a golden girl in metal breastplateEric McCandless - Getty Images

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Katy Perry's American Idol looks have been truly stunning this season. ICYMI, the artist has donned corset dresses, '70s-inspired beaded halter tops and keychain-adorned leather dresses to name just a few of her stand-out looks. So for the finale episode of the singing competition – which also happens to be Katy's last-ever as a judge, having announced back in February she would be stepping down from the position at the conclusion of the series – it was no surprise she pulled out all the stops.

Despite previously suffering a wardrobe malfunction when the fastening of her metal top broke and risked falling off live during filming, Katy again opted for an industrial design. Luckily there were no such issues this time around. The only thing dropping was our jaws when we saw her gold breastplate.

The Grace Ling Couture creation was a strapless top made from gold-coloured metal moulded to Katy's torso and tied around her back. As well as featuring a belly button, seven golden roses arranged in a loose bouquet were welded to the front of the design, the stems of which pierced through the fabric at the waist of the draped white maxi skirt Katy had paired with the sculptural top.

Sharing outfit pics to Instagram, Katy captioned her post, "🥀 7 roses for 7 seasons 🥀
143 #idol 🫶🏼" revealing the floral addition was more than just a nod to the corsage trend, but a sentimental symbol of her time on the show. As for the mention of 143, fans were speculating in the comments the artist is amping up to an album announcement. Here's hoping!

Grace Ling shared further details on Instagram, disclosing she didn't even have time to create a sketch for the piece. Instead, Katy and her stylist Tatiana Waterford trusted her vision in creating Katy's "personal story".

katy perry corset top
Eric McCandless - Getty Images

Not content with one amazing outfit for the finale, Katy changed her look for the wrap party. She ditched her breastplate for a see-through crystal-embellished corset and coordinating maxi skirt with a thigh-high leg slit. Gold sandals with ties that wrapped up her ankles completed the party vibe.

Sure, we might not have watched the show, but it's safe to say we'll *really* miss Katy's American Idol attire and her weekly outfit pics.

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