Kathryn Bernardo on her three words to forever

5 Dec – If there are "three words to forever" for Kathryn Bernardo, it would be "I Am Sorry".

As reported on Inquirer, the actress, who sat down on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" recently, stated that asking for forgiveness is a really significant thing for someone who finds it hard to do so like her.

"We think that whenever we say sorry, it's a sign of weakness. For me it's a sign of strength," she said.

Bernardo also stressed that apologising is not just about saying it.

"It is not right to apologise for the sake of just saying sorry. You should say sorry and then promise you won't do it again... that you won't fight about the same thing again," she said.

Bernardo stated that she learned to say sorry from Padilla, adding that previously their small fights could turn into big ones because of her inability to say she's sorry.

And if there's someone she would like to say sorry to, it would be to her mother Min.

"I am not perfect. More often than not, I am the cause of my mom's headaches," she said.

Her new movie, "Three Words to Forever" is currently showing in cinemas.

(Photo Source: Kathryn Bernardo Instagram)