Kang Ta & SHINee garner awards at 'KU MUSIC ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS'

Kang Ta & SHINee garner awards at 'KU MUSIC ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS'

Kang Ta and SHINee garnered awards at 'KU MUSIC ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS.'

On March 29th, Kang Ta and SHINee each garnered 'Korean Wave Culture Contribution Award' and 'Asia Best Group Award' at 'KUMUSIC ASIAN MUSIC WARDS,' which was held in Guangzhou.

'KU MUSIC ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS' is an annual awards ceremony hosted by Chinese online music services platforms KUGOU and KUWO, and a great number of reporters from local presses have attended the event to interview Kang Ta and SHINee.

After receiving 'Korean Wave Culture Contribution Award,' Kang Ta said, "It is a great honor to receive such a meaningful award, and I will keep doing my best to make as much contribution in spreading Korean Wave further. Thank you."

After receiving 'Asia Best Group Award,' SHINee members said, "Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful event, and also giving us this award. We would like to express special thanks to all of our fans in China. We love you, and thank you again." Afterwards, SHINee performed a song titled 'View,' and Jong Hyun performed 'Déja-Boo' alone.' In addition, Tae Min also performed a song titled 'Press Your Number.'

Meanwhile, Kang Ta is appearing on a great number of different variety programs and dramas in China these days, and SHINee is in the middle of their 4th Japan tour, 'SHINee WORLD 2016~D×D×D~.'

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