Kalon Justice, Founder of 'DollParts' Storms Hollywood

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A new wave of art is sweeping the nation, and there is one person who is leading the masses. DollParts, an art deco chest-plate movement, has been seen on many influential people and has even had several artists attempting to create a copycat version. Nonetheless, all were failures. Nothing could touch the real genius that the original creator Kalon Justice brought to the table, the streets, or the runway.

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Hailing from Detroit, Justice has spent his latest creative years in Atlanta, Georgia, while honing his craft. The artist, although very successful, was still looking for that next chapter of inspiration in his creative journey. In an attempt to expand his brand awareness, Justice decided to fly to Los Angeles to seek new possibilities and even better work relationships.

As the patrons of Hollywood scurried about on Saturday, Justice was the standout character amongst many. Wearing one of his own designs, the onlookers were floored by his essence every step of the way. From the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountains, the creativity of this artist didn’t go unnoticed. Many cannot wait to see what this genius has planned for the future.

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