Kaiser Chuang to tie the knot in September

18 Aug - Ken Zhu is not the only Taiwanese star who will be walking down the aisle in September. As it turns out, actor Kaiser Chuang is also set to hold his wedding reception on the same day, albeit in Taipei.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, known for movies such "Step Back to Glory", "Maverick", and "The Tenant Downstairs", stated that he and 26-year-old girlfriend Xiao'an have registered their marriage back on 1 August, and will be holding their banquet on 3 September.

Kaiser stated that he and his non-showbiz partner started off as friends, and had never thought that they would end up together due to the nine-year age gap.

However, he stated that they became closer two years ago, and that despite not being in the same industry, Xiao'an has been very understanding of his career as an actor.

"She is warm and kind. She even flew to Shanghai to visit me on the set. She has been very supportive of me in personal life as well as in my career, and has given me a lot of strength. That's why I want to be with her forever," he said.

(Photo source: nownews.com)