K-pop group Wanna One announces fan meetings in Hong Kong and Taiwan; Singapore next?

K-pop boy group Wanna One (Photo: 全星網)

Several Korean media news sources reported on Wednesday (12 July) that popular K-pop group Wanna One are currently in talks to have fan meetings in Taiwan, Hong Kong and several other countries in Asia.

According to Star News, Wanna One’s management company, YMC Entertainment, said, “Details regarding the overseas fan meetings are not confirmed yet, we are still in the midst of planning.”

Despite the lack of the confirmation about upcoming fan meetings in the region, that didn’t stop fans (called Wannables) in Singapore from tweeting the official Wanna One Twitter account, begging them to include Singapore as one of their stops.

The group Wanna One was formed through an Mnet boyband survival reality programme, “Produce 101 Season 2”, where 11 members were voted into the boyband from 101 trainees.

Wanna One is a temporary group that will perform together for a year before they ‘disband’ and the members go their separate ways.

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