Juztin Lan proposed to Quennie Ong at concert and she said 'I do'!

14 Nov - Malaysian singer Juztin Lan has successfully proposed to girlfriend Quennie Ong.

The proposal occurred during his solo concert on 12 November that was held at ZEPP, Kuala Lumpur. As the show nears the end and Juztin was singing the show's penultimate song, "The Second Half of Life", he told fans that he is a very lucky person who has met many people who love him along the way.

When Juztin sang the last song "Ordinary Love", he stepped off the stage and walked towards Quennie, of whom he has been dating for four years, and took her hand and led her to the stage.

Confessing his love to the teary-eyed Quennie, Juztin expressed, "I know you have been waiting for this night, for this moment, for a long time. I have been waiting for a long time too. I have been waiting for the right time. I hope to do this when the person who loves me the most, the person who loves you the most and the person who loves us the most are all here to witness our moment. I want to share the most important day of my life with you."

As he got down on one knee, fans began to cheer and shouted for Quennie to "marry him". He then took out a diamond ring and popped the question to which his girlfriend responded, "I do."

It is noted that Juztin was asked if he would propose to his girlfriend at his concert prior to the show, but only responded, "I have always wanted to propose."

Of course she said Yes!
Of course she said Yes!

(Photo Source: Juztin Lan IG)