Juno Mak to release "Sons of the Neon Night" in 2019

14 May – Although it was previously rumoured that his new movie is releasing this year, musician-turned-filmmaker Juno Mak revealed that his sophomore directorial effort, "Sons of The Neon Night" will only be releasing next year.

As reported on Mingpao, the director shared the news during an appearance alongside the new star of his record label, Kay Tse, saying that he is currently in the post-production of the said project.

Said Juno, aside from the meticulous details that needed more time, they also encountered a problem when their editor was admitted to the hospital earlier.

"It really affected the post-production progress," he said.

It was late last year that Juno released the behind-the-scenes clips from the movie, which sparked a lot of anticipation from fans of his previous debut, "Rigor Mortis".

On the other hand, when asked if he would tailor a new show for Kay now that she is signed to his company, Silly Thing, Juno admitted that the singer is also a good actress.

"I think I am more suitable for comedy because my life is quite fun," said Kay.

(Photo source: Kay Tse Instagram)