Junichi Okada is leaving Johnny & Associates

4 Oct - Junichi Okada recently announced that he is leaving Johnny & Associates.

The actor and former V6 member shared the news with his fans via a statement through the said company, and apologised if the decision comes as a surprise to many.

"I know it's been tough for fans and colleagues when it comes to my association with the company. I want to avoid further inconvenience and stay true to my creativity without any distraction," the actor stated.

Junichi will be departing from the company officially on 30 November. The company also apologised to Junichi for driving him to make a difficult decision.

The actor first entered the company through a talent show in 1995, and made his debut with V6 the same year, setting a record for the fastest debut in Johnny & Associates. He was also part of the subgroup Coming Century with Ken Miyake and Go Morita.

 Junichi Okada was part of V6
Junichi Okada was part of V6

(Photo Source: Arama Japan, The Reel Bits)