Juliette Louie admits she is not suited for Hong Kong

1 Jun – Miss Hong Kong 2017 Juliette Louie, who recently expressed her desire to return to Canada following the end of her reign, admitted to the media that she couldn't keep up with the "Hong Kong rhythm".

As reported on Mingpao, the aspiring actress who spoke to the media in TVB City recently, shared that she still hopes to become an actress, but will do so while developing herself in her home country.

"There are already several kinds of work waiting for me over there. My manager thinks I had been wasting a year here, so I have to hurry back," she said.

Juliette stated that Hollywood is now in need of more Asian actors, so she is confident that she could make a name for herself there.

"I have always wanted to develop in Hollywood, and I know I will go back. I spent a year preparing myself, so I hope I can work immediately once I go back," she said, adding that she is interested to do action-packed movies since she is more athletic.

The Edmonton-born Juliette also added that she will still have to attend auditions after returning to Canada, saying, "It's different from Hong Kong. There is always an opportunity to shoot a television show in Hong Kong, but you need to be a qualified actress before you can shoot a show [in Canada]. I can also look after my parents. It's harder to do that while being in Hong Kong."

She admitted that her boyfriend has been supportive of her decision, admitting he wasn't so happy when she won Miss Hong Kong and had to stay a year.

"But even when I go back, work is still my top priority. My boyfriend is second," she added.

(Photo Source: Juliette Louie Instagram)

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