JP Consulting: $10 Million Plus FinTech Business Consulting Firm Helps Thousands Reach Their Dreams

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His unique small fintech company "JP Consulting and Business Services" has successfully helped build, create and fund businesses.

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The world has seen the rise and fall of many professionals and entrepreneurs from across different industries and fields yet, there are still a few rare gems who have gone ahead in creating their unique niche in their industry leading the way to a fearless, successful future. These individuals have shown what it really takes to become one's best version and how determination and hard work can make anything attainable for a professional. The business world has been on the rise consistently, thanks to the perseverance and resilience entrepreneurs have shown and their abilities to embrace technological advances. However, many small business owners find the path to success a bit more challenging. To help them, many business consulting firms have been founded, but one among which is highly favored. JP Consulting and Business Services, a unique FinTech small business consulting firm established by entrepreneurial talent, Yampiero “JP” De Dios have funded and helped small start up businesses and have helped hundreds get back on track.

Who is JP, you ask? Well, let us tell you that this passionate man grew up on both sides of the Hudson River, East NY Brooklyn and Jersey City, New Jersey. From the very beginning, he felt fascinated by the idea to create a career for himself as an entrepreneur who could achieve his dreams in life as well as help others get closer to their business visions and goals. Today, he has over 15 years of rich experience in the industry, where he is committed to informing, building and empowering all communities of entrepreneurs nationwide. JP's astute business acumen, knowledge, expertise and experiences in the industry are sought-after by budding professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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JP, on working in different types of industries and businesses, says that he created opportunities for not only himself but anyone willing to work hard for their dreams. “I’ve done it all.” Said JP. “I’ve worked in marketing material distribution, as a top-performing consultant bringing in millions in revenue for a world-known media and television company, as a convenience store owner and owner of three chains of juice bar businesses. No matter what business you want to succeed in there’s a formula.” All through these years, the kind of experiences he gathered working in them also allowed him to create more credibility, work ethic, a powerful work portfolio and an extensive network. His solid reputation in the industry also opened doors to the Hispanic Association of Commerce of Jersey City, Farmers Market Association, and a board member in the Ferris High School Entrepreneurship Program for young adults looking to build their own legacies.

JP's one of a kind business consulting firm radiates his strong visions and his quest to help businesses right from starting it, building, to scaling it towards great success. When it comes to business planning, business formation and business funding, JP and his team of professionals go above and beyond in taking businesses to the next level. So far, JP has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs in forming their firms and increasing revenue through his effective marketing and business practices.

The ace business consultant with his FinTech small business consulting company JP Consulting and Business Services has been paving the path to success for several up and coming entrepreneurs and how.

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