Joseph Morgan Shuts Down Rumors Klaus Mikaelson Will Appear in ‘Legacies’ Series Finale — Or Does He?

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Is Klaus Mikaelson coming back from the dead again?

Fans have been speculating that Joseph Morgan might make an appearance in the “Legacies” series finale, even though his iconic character technically died at the end of “The Originals.” But, we all know that doesn’t mean much in the “Vampire Diaries” universe.

On Wednesday, Morgan shared a message on social media that, at the surface, shut down these rumors.

“First of all, I haven’t seen any cast from the TVDU in years, not in person at least, I promise you that,” he wrote. “All this speculation is gonna drive you crazy. Let go of these nonsense theories about hidden codes, Everyone knows Klaus Mikaelson is dead.”

However, it’s the way the tweet is formatted that is causing fans to lean into this theory about Klaus’ return even harder, because the first letter of each line spells out “finale.”

The actor also shared a rather questionable video statement on his Instagram, where he told fans to “leave the past alone.”

“Everyone’s so obsessed with hidden messages. Get all of that out of your mind and trust me. Can you do that?” he said. “I hope so, even just for a heartbeat. So we can find some kind of peace.”

It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that he would return, given he would not be the first character to return from the dead. In fact, Klaus himself did that all the time throughout the original series.

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Morgan played Klaus, a vampire-werewolf hybrid who was also a member of the original vampire family, for two seasons on “The Vampire Diaries” from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, he joined the spinoff “The Originals” for five seasons. At the end of the series, we were led to believe he died for good.

“Legacies” has had dozens of appearances from “The Vampire Diaries” franchise alums over the course of its four seasons, including many other members of the Mikaelson clan. Klaus made a quasi-return earlier this season when we learned that the Mikaelson family used magic to collect his ashes.

Whether or not Morgan is returning to the series, creator Julie Plec has already teased that whatever’s in store for the finale includes “a couple surprises for long-time #TVDU fans that may just blow your mind.”

The series finale of “Legacies” will air June 16 on The CW.

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