Jolin Tsai loses 270K followers after not sharing ‘There is only one China’ post following Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai purportedly lost around 270,000 Weibo followers after not sharing a post that declares "There is only one China" days after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

The backlash started after China Central Television (CCTV) News took down its Aug. 4 post promoting the music radio show “Shi Jian De Ge” and calling the 41-year-old singer’s hit song “Womxnly” a "solace for the youth.”

Some fans speculated that the move had something to do with Tsai’s lack of social media posts about “one China” after Pelosi’s stopover in Taiwan on Aug. 2 as part of a Congressional delegation in Asia.

Minutes before Pelosi arrived in Taiwan last week, CCTV News posted an image on Weibo with the words "There is only one China in the world.” Soon after that, over 100 Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebrities commented on the post using the hashtag #ThereIsOnlyOneChina and later shared the post on their Weibo accounts.

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A blogger who kept track of these celebrities claimed that Tsai was not one of the notable figures who shared the post on Weibo.

On Monday, some fans noticed that Tsai lost around 270,000 Weibo followers, with her follower count dropping from 43 million to 42.73 million. The Taiwanese singer has not updated her account in weeks – the last post she made was on July 18.

Image via Jolin Tsai on Weibo

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Tsai’s personal page was reportedly bombarded by hateful messages criticizing her for “supporting Taiwan’s independence.”

The Taiwanese singer has yet to release a comment about the matter on social media.

Besides Tsai, other celebrities living overseas were also called out on Weibo for not sharing CCTV News’ “one China” post, including Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Hebe Tien and Michelle Yeoh, to name a few.

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Featured Image via @jolin_cai

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