Joey Wong reveals she is single again after six years of romance

23 May - Six years after she started dating Tarzan Ip, Joey Wong (also affectionately known as JW) announced recently that she is single again.

On 21 May, the singer took to social media to share a collection of clips where she can be seen spending time with friends, going on holidays, eating good food and attending concerts.

The video read, "Almost forgot how it's like to be single after 13 years of being in a relationship," as well as "In my happy girl era."

She captioned it, "Life is great. I'll be okay."

However, JW has declined to address the breakup when contacted by the media, choosing instead to express via her manager, "I will not respond anymore. Thank you for your concern."

JW and Tarzan have been together for six years. It is noted that her boyfriend's wealthy family, the founder of Bonjour Cosmetics, filed for bankruptcy back in 2022. After they were declared bankrupt in February last year, JW released her song, "Be with You" as a way to express her feelings and vow to never leave her boyfriend.

JW dated former wealthy heir Tarzan for six years
JW dated former wealthy heir Tarzan for six years

(Photo Source: Joey Wong IG, Oriental Daily)