Joel Cha and Nina Paw congratulate Ruco Chan for engagement

14 Sep – Joel Chan and veteran actress Nina Paw recently expressed happiness for Ruco Chan, who is set to marry TVB artiste Phoebe Sin next month.

As reported on Oriental Daily, Joel Chan, who worked with Ruco in the Jazz Boon drama, "The Unholy Alliance", stated that he now understands why the actor has been looking so cheerful for the past few weeks.

"I saw him recently, but there was no sign that he is getting married. But I am happy that he finally found his other half," said the actor.

As for Nina, who played Ruco's mother in the said drama, the actress admitted that she was pleasantly surprised by the news.

"Ruco is a bit of an introvert, so his girlfriend or wife has to really cherish him," she said.

Nina also admitted that Ruco has told her about Phoebe before, but that they have never seen each other face to face.

"I hope they will have a baby soon so that the family will be complete," she added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)