Joe Chen's boyfriend apologises to female friends dragged by haters

4 Dec– Joe Chen's new boyfriend Alan Chen has recently dismissed allegations that he is using the actress for popularity, after several fans of Joe accused him of not being truthful about himself.

As reported on ET Today, several fans recently took to social media to "expose" the real Alan, saying that the 31-year-old has been following a lot of sexy women on Instagram, and even revealed some of the female profiles that he followed, including a woman who shares photos and videos of herself dancing on a pole, and another girl who shares photos of herself wearing lingerie.

In response to these allegations, Alan took to Weibo to clarify himself, saying that all of the women seen on his Instagram are his real friends with legitimate occupations.

He revealed that the pole dancer is a married friend of his who is also an accountant, stressing that pole dancing was just a hobby that she learned at a studio. He also stated that the girl in lingerie is actually a law student who is also a lingerie model.

Alan admitted that some of his friends whose photos were shared by netizens were outraged to be dragged into the mix, especially when they had nothing to do with his love life.

"I originally thought that all of these are simple matters. I feel so sorry to my friends. They shouldn't have been dragged into this. It was very baffling to me. To all my friends, I am so sorry," he wrote.

Joe has also responded in the comments, and apologised to those who were unwillingly involved in the issue. She also expressed hope that her fans will not harass others.

(Photo Source: ET Today)