Joanna Gaines Won Halloween with Her Throwback Costume

Each and every year, celebrities show that they’re just like us as they dress up in silly garb to celebrate Halloween. While many A-lister outfits caught our eye this Halloween season, we especially loved Joanna Gaines’s throwback costume, which she crafted out of a white zip-up jumpsuit and some well-placed patches.

On Tuesday, October 31, Joanna took to Instagram to reveal a video of herself dressed as a Ghostbuster. To take her costume over the top, she dressed one of her children as a ghost to chase after for the clip. “No 👻 was harmed in the making of this video,” she captioned the adorable video.

While Joanna continues to have her comments turned off on Instagram, it’s safe to say her costume was well-received, given the cultural adoration of the 1984 blockbuster. For the few that haven’t ever seen the Bill Murray-helmed film, Ghostbusters follows three parapsychologists embarking on their ghost-hunting business in The Big Apple. In the decades since its release, the supernatural comedy has earned high praise from fans all over the world and has been a constant source of Halloween costume inspiration, with celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente, and the Stranger Things kids all dressing up as the iconic ghost-hunting group.

In fact, Ghostbusters was such a huge hit that it was recreated in 2016 as a female-fronted film, with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon filling in as the ghost hunters.

For fans looking for more of Joanna in action, she and husband Chip are returning to a television screen near you next week with Fixer Upper: The Hotel. The new show premieres on November 8 on Magnolia Network and will be available for streaming on Max.

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