JJ Lin’s Miracle Coffee: Famous Taiwanese coffeehouse pop-up for a limited time in Singapore

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Beloved Taiwanese coffeeshop, JJ Lin’s Miracle Coffee, is finally set to make its Singapore debut on 30 Sep 2022. It’s all ready to be launched in the iconic ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands— no better place to set your footprint in the city, right?

Founded by singer-songwriter JJ Lin, it was established in the year 2017. The coffeeshop was created as a nod to his music belief If Miracles Had A Sound. The Singapore outlet is their fifth one.

JJ Lin's Miracle Coffee - the poster

When JJ Lin shared a poster on his social media announcing the collaboration with Marina Bay Sands, it surely got the island’s citizens buzzing. In 2023, Singapore will welcome the flagship cafe in the lobby of the ArtScience Museum. But you don’t have to wait so long to get a taste of Taiwan. On 30 Sep 2022,  you can catch a sneak preview through the 90-day pop-up that’ll happen at the museum’s outdoor Rain Oculus.

JJ Lin's Miracle Coffee - close up of food

What can you expect to find at the cafe? Their lattes, breakfast food, and cappuccinos are well-loved. You’ve got items like the Raspberry Chiffon with Mascarpone Cream, Banana Hot Chocolate, and Coffee Jelly Soy Milk on their Taiwanese menu.

JJ Lin Miracle Coffee - drinks coming to Singapore
Credit – JJ Lin Miracle Coffee

For the pop-up, only beverages are available. You can look forward to Americanos, pour overs, and speciality lattes which include a Singapore-exclusive drink called Kaya Cloud. The menu items and prices for their Singapore outlet are yet to be announced.

JJ Lin Miracle Coffee - different types of drinks
Credit – JJ Lin Miracle Coffee

Did I mention how cute JJ Lin’s Miracle Coffee’s signature takeaway cups are? Mark your calendars to queue up for what’s sure to be a grand opening, and for your dose of morning fuel.

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