JJ Lin: 'I'm happy to bring the 2.0 version tour back home because it's my home and I miss the fans'

JJ Lin at Moncler, Marina Bay Sands. (PHOTO: Moncler)
JJ Lin at Moncler, Marina Bay Sands. (PHOTO: Moncler)

SINGAPORE — To celebrate the drop of the 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra Collection, celebrities and VIP guests were invited to the Moncler flagship store in Marina Bay Sands last Wednesday (28 August), followed by an after-party at one of the coolest clubs on the island, Cherry Discotheque.


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Singers JJ Lin and Nathan Hartono spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore at the photo wall, where they shared some of their music developments. With a second show added in Singapore on 22 December 2019 for JJ Lin Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour (tickets go on sale today, 4 September), JJ Lin was excited to bring the 2.0 version tour back home, but also wanted to make sure the concert production was up to standard.

JJ said performing at the National Stadium involves different challenges from the Indoor Stadium because of the space consideration. He added: “It’s a huge challenge, because sonically you want to ensure that it sounds good and looks good from every angle of the stadium. That’s something we are still working with the teams to explore, to make sure that everything is seamless.”

Meanwhile, Nathan was thrilled after returning home from China, after attending a songwriting camp. He’s in the process of producing a Chinese album, and had the opportunity to write and compose songs in Chinese.

Watch the video of Moncler’s launch above.

JJ Lin at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
JJ Lin at Moncler's launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Amanda Chaang, Jon Chua at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Amanda Chaang and Jon Chua. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Fiona Fussi at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Fiona Fussi. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Aimee Chang Bradshaw at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Aimee Chang Bradshaw. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Ayden Sng, Yoyo Cao, Fann Wong, JJ Lin, Rebecca Lim and Nathan Hartono at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
(From left to right) Ayden Sng, Yoyo Cao, Fann Wong, JJ Lin, Rebecca Lim and Nathan Hartono. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Fann Wong at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Fann Wong. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Ayden Sng, Rebecca Lim at Moncler Launch. (PHOTO: Moncler)
Ayden Sng and Rebecca Lim. (PHOTO: Moncler)