Jike Junyi is fine after encounter with overzealous fan

3 Dec – Chinese singer Jike Junyi recently assured that she is fine, after encountering an overzealous fan during a performance in Shenzhen.

As reported on ET Today, the incident happened last week, when a male fan went on stage to hand Jike a bouquet of flowers while she was performing.

Although it seemed innocent at first, the male fan suddenly leaned towards Jike as she tried to take the flowers from his hand. However, the singer was able to react quickly and was able to avoid the said fan.

The said man later shouted "I love you" before stepping down the stage.

A clip of the incident had since gone viral, with many speculating that the man was trying to force Jike into a kiss. They also blasted the said fan for his action.

The singer soon responded to the issue, and clarified that she is fine and that the man was not trying to kiss her.

"Don't worry, everyone. The fan was just trying to say something to me. It's no big deal," she said.

Despite her assurance, many still expressed fury regarding the matter, saying that it was an inappropriate behaviour.

(Photo Source: Jike Junyi Instagram)