Jiang Jinfu's ex-girlfriend gives response to lawsuit

7 Jan – Jiang Jinfu's ex-girlfriend Julieta Benavides recently took to social media to address news that the actor is now suing her for accusing him of domestic abuse.

As reported on Apple Daily, following the statement made by Jiang's legal team about the lawsuit that has been filed at the Changsha courts of Hunan, Julieta posted a series of text messages she allegedly received from Jiang's mother, where the latter expressed more concern for her son than her well-being.

In one message, the Jiang matriarch wrote, "I'm sorry. Fu Zai [Jiang] cares about you so much, which is why he gets a little jealous when he sees your old pictures. That's not right of him. He suffers too."

Julieta also revealed that Jiang's mother did not even ask her if she was okay after seeing the marks left from her son's abuse when they saw each other in Changsha, but pleaded that she would not tell anybody about it.

"At the time, I had not sort out my feelings, so I told her that I wouldn't," she added.

As to how she was able to escape from Jiang, Julieta revealed that they were set to return to Shanghai from Changsha, but the actor changed his mind and cancelled his ticket. However, he couldn't cancel hers, thus she used the opportunity to fly back on her own and immediately left China to London.

In her last Instagram Story, Julieta wrote, "I am not afraid of you or any lawyers because I am telling the truth."

(Photo Source: Chinapress)