Jiang Chao: I am nothing like my role in "The Fox's Summer"

9 May - While he played an arrogant rich man in his new drama, "The Fox's Summer", actor Jiang Chao recently revealed that he is nothing like his character in real life.

In an interview with Tencent recently, Jiang, who plays the no-nonsense president of a corporation who falls in love with a pathological liar, shares that he is a more cheerful person in real life compared to his drama character, Gu Cheng Ze.

"It really is hard to play the role, since I have to make some changes. This is a man whose life experiences made him the person he is. He is only a stepson, but had to inherit the business. In order not to show any weakness, he has to act cold and make himself seem serious and overbearing. It is really tiring playing him," he said.

In reality, said Jiang, he is an emotional man and easily touched by the simplest things.

"Sometimes seeing an old woman begging on the streets makes me sad," he added.

When asked if he expected that the drama will have a huge following, Jiang responded the opposite.

"When I first read the script, I thought it would be quite boring. But then I saw the final product, and I realised that it is quite interesting," he said.

He also admitted to have enjoyed the scripts that he considers witty and enjoyable.

"The Fox's Summer" is an adaptation of the romance novel "When the President Falls in Love" by Chen Cangmei. It co-stars Tan Song Yun, Wang Yan Zhi and Zhang Xin.