Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu announce divorce

15 Nov – After previous divorce rumours and subsequent reconciliation, celebrity couple Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu finally confirmed that they have called it quits on their marriage.

As reported on Sina, the couple shared the bad news in a joint statement released earlier this month, saying that they originally planned to announce the divorce earlier, but decided not to do so in order not to spark heated debate about the subject on the internet.

It is noted that a video was released last month showing Li acting chummy with rapper PG One - the same person who sparked marital woes between her and Jia in the first place. In response, the rapper posted a long article admitting to his past relationship with the actress.

In the same statement released by Jia and Li, they admitted that part of the reason that they delayed the divorce announcement was due to the video, adding that they didn't want both parties being further harassed, while at the same time wanted to protect their child's well-being.

As for their daughter, Li and Jia stated that they will share custody and hope that the public will give her some space to grow up in a healthy environment.

(Photo Source: 100rd)