Jerry Yan to star in "Goblin" remake?

27 Dec – Rumours are rife that Taiwan is remaking the hit 2016 South Korean drama, "Goblin".

As reported on Oriental Daily, sources recently claimed that a Taiwanese studio is set to produce its own version of the said drama, which may star heartthrobs Jerry Yan and Mike He as the two leads.

The female lead reportedly will be played by a newcomer.

Though no further information has been released about the project, netizens have mainly expressed scepticism over it, saying that it could ruin the integrity of the original.

However, when asked about the rumours, Jerry responded, "Haven't heard about it."

The original drama (also known as "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God") stars Gong Yoo as a goblin, or a protector of souls, who is searching for his human bride in order to end his immortality.

It co-stars Lee Dong-wook as the grim reaper, and Kim Go-eun as a high school student who turns out to be the legendary Goblin's bride.

(Photo Source: Jerry Yan Japan Official Fanclub)