Jerron Wu reveals that he has quit acting

21 Nov - After having been away for quite a while, Chinese actor Jerron Wu finally admitted that he has retired from acting.

The said actor shared the news on Weibo on 19 November, after updating his said social media account following three months of hiatus.

He wrote, "As an actor, I disappeared for a long time. As Wu Difei, I have been living a good life. From now on, we will not talk about the experience of playing whichever character. I just want to tell my own story."

Thanking fans and followers for letting him live the life he wants, Jerron said that he will do his best to update his vlog following his retirement.

"I hope it can heal you so that you won't be afraid of the endless abyss and don't need to care about people's opinions and evaluations. I wish everyone will have the courage to choose their own life," he added.

In a video that came with the post, Jerron revealed that he learned baking and has now opened up two dessert shops.

Jerron started his career by starring in the drama, "To Be a Better Girl" and has worked on many dramas including "My Deskmate", "I Belonged to Your World", and "Dear Mr Hermitage".

Jerron also stars in
Jerron also stars in "I Belonged to Your World" alongside Judy Qi and Liu Yitong

(Photo Source: Sogou,Sohu,VOI)