Jep Sepahtu admits Shuib's absence a big loss

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6 Oct – Comedian Jep of the funny duo Sepahtu recently stated that he is taking Shuib's departure from Season 5 of their hit show, "Sepahtu Reunion Live" in a positive light.

In an interview with Astro Awani, the comedian, who returns in the new season alongside fellow funnyman Rahim, stated that Shuib's decision not to do the show did create a hole in their dynamic.

Shuib will be missed in Season 5
Shuib will be missed in Season 5

"His absence really is a big loss for us, But the show must go on. If he can't do it, then we have to find a different alternative. Yes, it's hard to find someone with similar standards but we're going to look for someone that will make things easy for us," he said.

Jep, however, added that the loss could also be a gain for another, as it means that they are able to share the blessings with another comedian who might need a job.

"It's a challenge, but also a blessing," he added.

Shuib, who left early this year to focus more on his business, recently stated that he will not be able to do Season 5 in order to take care of his newborn son, Ayash Affan and his three other children following the untimely death of his wife and singer Siti Sarah.

Shuib is now a single dad to four children
Shuib is now a single dad to four children

(Photo Source: Shuib Instagram, Jep Sepahtu Instagram)

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