Jennylyn Mercado wants to know government's plan to fight COVID-19

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30 Jul – Jennylyn Mercado was one of the many celebrities who were confused with President Rodrigo Duterte's recent State of the Nation Address, as she expressed her said confusion on social media.

As reported on Inquirer, following the president's address, the Kapuso actress shared a news article with the headline that read, "President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday urged Filipinos' cooperation to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the government could not do it alone".

She tweeted, "Okay. But what's the plan?"

It is noted that the number of cases in the Philippines has already increased to more than 80,000 with nearly 2,000 deaths recorded. It is noted that Duterte in his speech listed several measures that the government would do to aid the people during the pandemic, including intensifying its assistance to the small and medium enterprises.

In another tweet, Mercado stated that it is the government's role to promote the welfare of the country no matter the situation, which is why they should not need to be praised for any positive action.

She instead sang praises for the new heroes in the likes of the frontliners - doctors, nurses, teachers, soldiers, and others, adding, "We salute you. Thank you very much."

(Photo Source: Jennylyn Mercado Instagram)