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Jenny Mollen says she was 'so grateful' to have received abortion care after suffering miscarriages

Jenny Mollen says she was inspired by Chrissy Teigen to share her abortion story after suffering two miscarriages with husband Jason Biggs.

The actress and author, 43, took to Instagram on Thursday to share that Teigen's admission in early Sept. that she had a life-saving abortion two years ago led Mollen to consider her own experiences.

"I had to stop and think," Mollen wrote. "Jason and I have experienced two miscarriages over the course of our relationship. The first was at the beginning of our relationship and the second was during the pandemic. Both times I needed a D&C and received abortion care and both times I was so grateful to live in a country where that was possible."

Dilation and curettage (D&C), according to the Mayo Clinic, is "a procedure to remove tissue from inside your uterus" that may be used to "clear the uterine lining after a miscarriage or abortion." The photos shared by Mollen showed both her positive pregnancy test and her sitting in a hospital gown with a cap and face mask.

"I didn't want this to happen. But thank god, I was in such capable hands when it did," Mollen continued. "I stand with @chrissyteigen and all of the other brave women who are helping to drive awareness to this critical issue."

Because the procedure is deemed a part of abortion care, it may be at risk following the overturn of Roe v. Wade. This, Mollen explained, is why she chose to speak out about it.

"It is important to understand that when we say abortions are medical procedures, that save lives and are vital – this is part of what we're talking about. Women in the states with these extreme abortion bans are UNABLE to receive this care, often being forced to travel hours in pain and grief to other states," she wrote. "It's unconscionable that politicians who don't understand how our bodies function are putting laws in place to control them."

Mollen also thanked Busy Philipps "for educating me time and again on why we must not be silent. Abortion rights affect all of us" after having opened up in 2019 about her own abortion story.

Mollen and Biggs share sons Lazlo, 4, and Sid, 8. This is the first time that Mollen has shared her experience with pregnancy loss.

If you or someone you know needs help obtaining an abortion or additional information and resources, visit or You can also call or text the All Options hotline at 1-888-493-0092, which offers “unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.”

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