Jennifer Yu wants to get married at 30

8 Feb – Hong Kong actress Jennifer Yu has denied rumours that she and actor boyfriend Carlos Chan are now engaged, after she revealed that he gave her a diamond ring as a present last year.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at a jewellery event recently, stated that the ring was not part of a marriage proposal, but a meaningful gift following her previous car accident in March last year.

"He wants me to be tough and strong, just like a diamond," she said.

As for marriage plans, the 24-year-old Jennifer said that she and Carlos have an agreement when it comes to settling down, and that they will do it when she turns 30.

When asked if Carlos is accepted by her family, she said, "My mum really likes him. They share similar views and communicate well with each other."

(Photo source: Jennifer Yu Instagram)