Jenn Chia successfully met Stephen Chow in Hong Kong

29 Mar – Digital creator Jenn Chia admits to be one lucky lady to be able to meet Stephen Chow in person.

Sharing the experience on Instagram, Jenn revealed that it all started with a comment she made on the Hong Kong comedy auteur's Instagram account, saying that she wants to fly to Hong Kong to meet him, even if for only five minutes.

"My dream is to meet you. You have played a huge part in my life and an inspiration of videos I create. I even learnt Cantonese from watching your movies," she posted.

Jenn stated that Stephen has always been her idol
Jenn stated that Stephen has always been her idol

Jenn also asked her Instagram followers to like the comment for her in order for Stephen to take notice. And it worked, as Stephen later responded, "Anytime! When will you be in Hong Kong?"

Jenn stated that she flew to Hong Kong, not knowing what is waiting for her, and was elated to finally meet the "King of Comedy" star himself.

"We got his signature. He introduced us to a delicious Teochew meal. And I'm still in disbelief," she said, and expressed her thanks to everybody for their help and support.

(Photo Source: Jenn Chia IG, Stephen Chow IG)