Jenn Chia and husband interviewed by US news channel over viral photo

23 Feb - After going viral a few weeks back for an old photo where her husband can be seen standing in the background two years before they met, Malaysian content creator Jenn Chia recently revealed that the two of them had been interviewed by an American news station over the serendipitous moment.

Sharing a clip from the interview with NewsNation anchor Marni Hughes on Instagram, the social media influencer stated that she finds it weird how their story has circulated around the world, leading to her being interviewed by a US news channel.

She then added jokingly, "On a side note, I noticed my American accent came out during this interview. I keep laughing watching back and wondered... what if I spoke like Auntie Siow."

In the said interview, which can be found on NewsNation channel on YouTube, Jenn shared that she found the photo from 2012, where husband Jon Liddell can be seen standing behind her without noticing the camera, while she was clearing up photos of her ex-boyfriend.

Goosebumps.. the photo was taken two years before they met
Goosebumps.. the photo was taken two years before they met

"As I was deleting, I came across this photo and there was a really familiar human right behind me and that moment I realised, 'No! It is you!'" she said, adding that she immediately called Jon, who was in the kitchen at the time.

"It was two years before we actually met," said Jon. "So, we were kind of freaking out that this just happened."

Jenn, who is also a singer, revealed that the photo was taken at an Open Mic night in Malaysia, and Jon, who was living in England at the time, just so happened to be in Malaysia for two weeks at the time and went to the same event.

As to how they finally met two years later, Jon said that they saw each other at a music festival. Jenn added that they then did a music video together, where they finally spoke to one another and the rest is history.

It was back in August last year that the couple tied the knot after years of relationship. Jenn previously made headlines when she was invited to meet with Stephen Chow upon trying her luck in asking the Hong Kong comedy auteur if she can come see him while she was in Hong Kong.

The couple got married last year
The couple got married last year

(Photo Source: Jenn Chia IG)