Jay Chou's amazes fans with long English post

12 Oct - Jay Chou surprised fans recently when he posted a long message online in English to express admiration for his wife.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer who joined Instagram back in August and changed the handle to his own showbiz name "jaychou" recently, posted a photo of him with wife Hannah Quinlivan and expressed how proud he is of her.

The (unedited) post read, "After the [Secret] movie, a film that I did recently that I'm really proud of is [Hannah Quinlivan]. Hannah's casting tape that she made just two days after giving birth to our son (No! Definitely not the tape of her giving birth).

"At the end she got the role of the Hollywood movie with The Rock. She's going to shoot it in October. Plz support her."

Fans who saw the post commended Jay for the improvement of his English, while some asked whether it was Hannah who wrote it for him instead.

On the other hand, Jay, who started his Instagram account back in August, also gave the same reason why he decided to change his IG handle from "jay___chou" (the original handle) to his current handle, and that is for the sake his Hollywood friends.

"[...] because one day I will have a lot of Hollywood friends, they will need to @ me. I felt sorry for letting [Mark Ruffalo] follow a fake me," he shared in his previous post.

Previously, Ruffalo made the mistake of tagging a fan-made account on a photo of him and Jay on the set of "Now You See Me 2".

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram)