Jason Momoa Makes Things Go Salty for Hoaxers in the Trailer for 'Sugar Mountain' (Exclusive)

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

If the upcoming thriller Sugar Mountain were a cautionary tale, its moral would be “don’t ever try to recreate a James Franco movie in real life.” (Watch the film’s exclusive trailer above.)

When young Alaskan Miles (Falling Skies‘s Drew Roy) falls in debt to local thug Joe Bright (Justice League star Jason Momoa) for 10 large, he looks to 127 Hours for inspiration. “Remember that dude in Utah, in the desert, got stuck under that rock, had to chop off his arm, dude made a killing.”

Miles convinces his girlfriend, Lauren (Haley Webb, Teen Wolf), and pal Liam (Shane Coffey, Pretty Little Liars) to help fake Miles’s disappearance on a mountain top. But things, as you might imagine, go haywire, especially when the local sheriff (Cary Elwes) suspects foul play and Joe Bright catches wind of the hoax. The large fella is not a happy camper, to say the least.

Written by Abe Pogos and directed by Richard Gray (The Lookalike), Sugar Mountain was shot on location in Seward, Alaska. The film opens in theaters and on video on demand Dec. 9.