Jason Chan continues to get jobs post-TVB

8 Nov – Although he is no longer being managed by TVB, actor-host Jason Chan revealed that he is lucky to still have a lot of projects coming his way since leaving the company.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who went on a radio interview recently, shared that he recently filmed a variety show in Singapore and has been receiving a lot of drama offers.

"They are all currently in negotiation," he said.

Jason has also been receiving a lot of endorsement offers if one is to follow him on social media - from endorsing a watch brand to various baby products, the actor is not one to miss a good gig.

As to whether he will do a drama with TVB, the actor said that his relationship with the company is fine.

"I will not rule out filming with TVB if there is a good script. It would be great if there is a sequel to "Who Wants A Baby?"," he added.

(Photo Source: Jason Chan Instagram)