Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada debuts on TikTok with kawaii teaser clip

Actress Kyoko Fukada has officially joined TikTok. (Photo by Sports Nippon/Getty Images)

Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada, known for her role in Japanese live-action film Kamikaze Girls, has recently made her debut in the world of TikTok.

In her first and only post so far on Saturday (11 July), Fukada, 37, is seen mimicking a freestyle swimming stroke on a bed, holding two little dogs and waving at the camera with the words “Coming Soon”. Apparently, the video is a teaser for her upcoming video project with the theme on summer vacation.

Despite having set up her TikTok account in less than a week and only one post so far, Fukada has already garnered more than 210,000 followers, with 3.8 million views and more than 220,000 likes. Fan comments generally praised the 37-year-old for being kawaii and still looking young, with some jokingly questioning if Fukada is immortal. Others have labelled her as a bimajo (women who look younger than their actual age).

As part of the summer vacation video project, Fukada will also be giving away her latest photo book titled Brand New Me — released in May this year — with her autograph and names of the winners. Details for this gift campaign will be released at a later date.

While waiting for the updates on the summer vacation video project, here’s a teaser featuring Fukada surfing in the waters of Hawaii: