Japanese actor Toma Ikuta is going to be a father

Japanese actor Toma Ikuta. (Photo: Instagram/toma_ikuta_j)
Japanese actor Toma Ikuta. (Photo: Instagram/toma_ikuta_j)

In an interview with Japanese media Chunichi after a promotional event for his latest movie on Sunday (24 October), Japanese actor Toma Ikuta, 37, revealed that he is going to be a father. He married actress Nana Seino, 27, in June last year.

“Since my wife is pregnant, I have entered a totally new stage in life. I feel that I have to be more responsible, so I will do my best,” Ikuta commented, in addition to hoping that his baby will be born healthy.

Ikuta had also met Noriyuki Higashiyama, his senior in the talent agency Johnny & Associates, at a TV station earlier that day, and told him the good news. Higashiyama married actress Yoshino Kimura in 2010, and is now a father of two.

Regarding Higashiyama’s reaction, Ikuta said, “He was really pleased. He is not only a senior in the company, but also a senior in life. It would be great if he can teach me the things that I don’t know about.”

Ikuta and Seino met while filming the 2015 thriller drama Ouroboros, and began dating shortly after. The couple released a joint statement about their marriage through Seino’s Instagram account in June 2020.

Ikuta’s happy news marks the latest from Johnny & Associates, which has seen pretty negative news recently regarding its artistes quitting the agency. Other joyous happenings from the agency that occurred earlier this year include Arashi’s Sho Sakurai’s and Masaki Aiba’s double marriage, and Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya’s birth of baby girl.