Japan Select & Kyo-mono Festival is here at Takashimaya until 20 Mar 2023

The Japan Select & Kyo-mono Festival, hosted in Takashimaya Shopping Centre‘s Food Hall, is back with plenty of delicious Japanese treats to enjoy from now till 20 Mar 2023!

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to stabilise in our little red dot, more and more Singaporeans are beginning to pack suitcases for the greatly missed overseas vacation trip. However, for those who have not yet done so, this is another way to satisfy your Japanese food cravings!

Japan Select & Kyo-mono Festival 2023 — Food

As Kyoto is the land famed for the finest matcha, there are no surprises to learn that Chikiriya’s Matcha and Houjicha Soft Serve (S$8) will be there at Takashimaya’s Japan Select & Kyo-mono Festival. As Chikiriya is a teahouse with 168 years of tea-caring experience, there is no question of its quality. Those who love authentic full-bodied green tea, this is certainly for you.

Mochi Obanyaki Pancakes (S$4 to S$4.50 per piece, S$10 for 3) by Maruamami will be there as well, for those who are addicted to the sweet’s chewy texture. With fillings that cater to everyone, Maruamami will definitely be a spot that will be difficult to miss out on.

Japan Select & Kyo-mono Festival 2023 — iWaffle

iWaffle was here in Takashimaya before, serving Waffles (S$4 to S$7.50) for the Valentine’s Day Fair crowd. They are back to serve an assortment of flavours once again!

iWaffle has a moving mission: to bring smiles and cheerful conversations with their craft. With tasty fruits and decadent chocolate chips coating the waffles’ filling, there is bound to be a crowd that will enjoy the waffles with a grin.

Japan Select and Kyo-mono Festival 2023 — Products

Worried that you are too full to savour it all? Fear not, as there are products that can be taken home. There is quite an assortment of items to choose from, leaving you spoilt for choice (and me unable to write on it all).

Miel Mie’s Lip Honey Lab (S$14 each, S$24 for 2) and Nonomo’s Dewatsuru Cup Sake Series (S$15 each, S$40 for 3) are the ones I feel would be perfect distinctive gifts for loved ones! Practical and edible, is that not a match made in heaven?

With so much to munch on and shop for, this festival is an opportunity to savour some of Japan’s most popular foods. Coming with an empty stomach would be a perfect game plan to fully appreciate everything this event has to offer!

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