Jaime Cheung not ready for new romance

2 Oct - Jaime Cheung recently revealed that she needs more time for herself before moving on to the next relationship, following her breakup with Phoebus Ng.

The singer, who was asked about the romance rumour between Phoebus and Alice Hui, dismissed the idea that her breakup was caused by Alice, and that the problem was hers and Phoebus' alone.

When asked why she defended the P1X3L member, Jaime said that she doesn't want her emotional affair to affect her work, and would rather deal with everything in a low-key manner.

Asked if she would send her blessings if it's true that Phoebus and Alice are dating, Jaime responded, "I am not familiar with Alice. I have only met her and taken photos with her at events. We have no communication."

The singer also stated that she is not in the mood to be dating again, though denied that she is afraid of another heartbreak.

"I no longer date people in my circle. I just let nature takes its own course," she added.

Phoebus is said to be dating Alice Hui
Phoebus is said to be dating Alice Hui

(Photo Source: Jaime Cheung IG, Mingpao)