Jacquelin Chong excited to meet Francis Ng

9 Oct - Jacquelin Chong couldn't help but get excited to be meeting her idol Francis Ng on the set of Sunny Chan's new directorial effort, "Man on the Dragon".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress who was invited as a guest star in the movie stated that it was the greatest time she had even though they share no scenes together.

"Actually, my scene partner is Ken Wong. Although I knew I would have no scene with Francis, I was excited when I found out he'll be on the set too," she enthused.

She admitted that she acted like a "fan-girl" when she saw him and didn't dare to approach Francis until the film crew decided to help by arranging them to take a photo together.

"Francis is quite a gentleman and friendly too. Taking a photo together is a good start. I will do my best so that one day I'll be able to work with him," she added.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)