Jaclyn Victor loses voice due to laryngitis

16 Nov - Jaclyn Victor has no clue as to whether she will be able to continue with her "All Stars Gegar Vaganza" performance this Sunday, after losing her voice due to prolonged health issue.

The singer, who is among the ten still vying for the title of the All Stars champion, revealed via her manager Zulaikha that she suffered from a vocal cord inflammation due to laryngitis.

"She has been having throat problem since Tuesday the week before. I had even taken her to a doctor, but she was still adamant to perform. But earlier this week, she began to lose her voice and she told me that she couldn't speak," she said.

Zulaikha added that Jaclyn's doctor has advised her not to sing for the time being and take as much rest as she needs.

"For how long? We don't know. Jac has two performances this week, so we don't know what will happen. We just have to wait," she added.

Jaclyn is set to perform a duet of Adele's "All I Ask" with Nadeera Zaini for this weekend's performance.

Let's hope that Jaclyn will recover soon
Let's hope that Jaclyn will recover soon

(Photo Source: Jaclyn Victor IG)