Jack Ng Wai Lun wants to work with "A Guilty Conscience" team again





6 Mar – With the continuous success enjoyed by his first directorial effort, "A Guilty Conscience", screenwriter-turned-director Jack Ng Wai Lun stated that he is now motivated to start on his next project.

Speaking to the media recently, the director stated that he is taking into consideration helming the sequel, adding that he is confident about his team.

"Even if it's not a sequel, it could be a different movie. I would love to work with the original crew again. The actors are great, so if we put them in the same role again, that would be a pity," he said.

As for his movie exceeding HKD 100 million, Ng said that it was a great surprise to him, as he estimated only HKD 58 million, and that is after lead actor Dayo Wong estimated that it would break HKD 50 million.

"The movie is not a typical entertaining movie. It has no action, special effects, not even a comedy. I never expected it to have such a big box office number," he said.

However, Ng said that the film's success would be a great boost for the Hong Kong film industry.

The film is currently the 10th highest grossing films in Hong Kong below "Top Gun: Maverick" with HKD 106.7; and the highest grossing Hong Kong movie of all time, surpassing the record previously set by "Warriors of Future".



Director Jack Ng Wai Lun (left) with 'A Guilty Conscience' star, Dayo Wong
Director Jack Ng Wai Lun (left) with 'A Guilty Conscience' star, Dayo Wong



(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, HK01)