Irene Wan's new movie gets Golden Rooster nod

21 Nov– Irene Wan couldn't help but feel delighted that her new movie, "The Suspect Said" has been selected as one of the Top Ten Excellent Films at the Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the festival held in Xiamen, China, stated that the whole cast and crew were happy with the recognition after working tirelessly for the project.

"I can recall the freezing weather and rain in Urumqi, where the film was shot. It was very hard on all the actors and crew. I even had a high fever on the first day of shooting because I couldn't adapt myself to the weather," she said.

However, Irene admitted that the violent weather helped her more in immersing herself in her character.

"At the time, the emotions I felt were fully compatible with the plot," she added.

"The Suspect Said" is a suspense story that revolves around the murder of a man that occurred in a snowy night, in which all of the evidences are covered by the snow. Irene plays the role of a single mother who suddenly surrenders herself to the police.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)