Introducing ‘Hamza Abo$$,’ a Can’t-Miss Talent Out of Seattle

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Sometimes, a song hits so close to home that the lyrics become more than just words in your headphones. Instead, they serve as a message to your soul.

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That was the experience I had upon discovering underground Seattle rapper Hamza Abo$$. The 21-year-old boasts hard-hitting lyricism that goes well beyond his years. The first “wow” moment from me came while listening to track No. 4 on his debut album, “I’m Not Perfect.” The song is titled “Tired Thoughts.”

Here’s an excerpt from the opening verse.

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"What I’m facing ahead I’m over going in circles debating my every step
So I’m searching to finally break away from the stress
Praying I overcome every hurdle I’m knowing next god (God)
I’m trying to see a change
Fighting to have it all even though I’m going insane
It’s just difficult with all the stress I’m shown everyday
Falling victim to hoping that I ain’t cheating my fate"

This excerpt does well to exemplify the seemingly ever-present type of introspective lyricism introduced throughout Hamza Abo$$'s entire "I'm Not Perfect" project. The album, which was released just over a month ago, is filled with a combination of sincere emotion and quality production we so rarely hear today in hip hop. You can argue it’s poetry set to 10 undoubtedly catchy beats.

Hamza Abo$$’s talent as a rapper is unquestionable, but what makes him so fascinating of an up-and-coming artist is not just his ability to speak on extremely personal topics, but the way in which he is able to further develop them as well. From relationships, to poverty, to family and beyond, no deep topics are off limits.

In addition to his album, Hamza Abo$$ released two music videos for the tracks “Carpe Diem and “Trust Issues.” The bright and upbeat video for “Carpe Diem” perfectly juxtaposes the lonely, emotional video for “Trust Issues.” The artistry in everything from the lyrics to the video production is uncanny.

If you are a fan of hip hop music—or even if rap isn’t your thing but you can still appreciate art when you see it—I highly recommend you give Hamza Abo$$ a listen. “I’m Not Perfect” is an outstanding piece from beginning to end. To check out Hamza Abo$$’ debut album “I’m Not Perfect” and more of his work, head on over to SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. You can also give him a follow on Instagram to keep up with new releases; and trust us, you won’t want to miss them.

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