Indulge in 10 legendary nasi kandar restaurants at Nasi Kandaq Fest 2023

For most Malaysians who visit Penangnasi kandar is always the first thing we want to feast on the moment we step foot into the Northern state. A heap of rice drenched in curry, with fried chicken and fresh lady’s fingers what’s not to love about the dish?

Unfortunately, getting to Penang isn’t an easy task. Residents of Kuala Lumpur can deem themselves lucky this time, as Sunway Putra Mall will be hosting Nasi Kandaq Fest 2023!

Nasi Kandaq Fest - Promotional poster

For 1 weekend (23 Sep to 24 Sep 2023), connoisseurs finally have the chance to decide on their favourite nasi kandar restaurant of all time. Whether you just want a hefty plate of delicious food, or if you want to start an Excel sheet ranking all the popular nasi kandar shops, this festival is especially dedicated to lovers of the cuisine.

This event will take place at the mall’s Main Driveway and Main Concourse on the ground floor from 10am to 10pm.

Nasi Kandaq Fest - Vendors

Nasi Kandaq Fest 2023 will feature 10 legendary nasi kandar restaurants. They’re referred to as the “Lejens“, and the list of vendors (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

  1. Hameediyah Restaurant

  2. Nasi Kandar Bawah Pokok

  3. Nasi Kandar LC (Line Clear) Kampung Baru

  4. Nasi Kandaq Talam Johor Bahru

  5. Pelita Nasi Kandar Taman Chai Leng

  6. Restoran Kudu bin Abdul

  7. Restoran Liga Maju Nasi Dalca Ayam

  8. Sadam Nasi Kandar

  9. Sithique Nasi Kandar

  10. Yusuf Restaurant

Nasi Kandaq Fest - Poster of vendors

It’s easy to see why these restaurants were chosen to be Malaysia’s legends. The 1st on the list, Hameediyah Restaurant, is the country’s oldest nasi kandar place— they first began operations all the way back in 1907. Even Restoran Kudu bin Abdul is currently being run by the family’s 3rd generation.

If you’re a nasi kandar lover, you have to drop by this festival to try out new spots, or to simply get your cravings satisfied!

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