Ina Naim: Please pray that my husband will wake up

15 Nov - Ina Naim, former singer and wife of former In-Team member Mohd Suhaimi Saad recently apologised on behalf of her husband to anybody he has ever hurt, as Suhaimi continues to be in a coma in the ICU.

The 39-year-old, who spoke to the media regarding Suhaimi's situation, stated that the singer has been in the ICU in Johor Bahru for the past five days following infection of the lungs.

"For the time being, following the first test, the doctors said that Suhaimi is free of tuberculosis. They have done the second test, but we are waiting for the result. The doctors said that his condition is critical, but his oxygen last night was normal," she said.

Ina stated that Suhaimi has been experiencing bad cough for the past few months, which they thought stemmed from eating too much local fruits.

"Last month, his cough became better, but he had diarrhoea instead. He had the appetite to eat, but he couldn't eat much due to constant diarrhoea. That is why his weight had been decreasing," she said.

Ina stated that they had tried many things before Suhaimi finally decided that they should go to the hospital in Johor Bahru, so that Ina can be closer to her parents if anything were to happen.

"I am not asking for much, just for him to wake up," she added.

Suhaimi and Ina tied the knot in 2007. The two are parents to four children aged 15 to 9.

(Photo Source: Ina Naim FB)